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Organize your patient records, track billing & inventory, manage appointments, generate reports, work with your staff, print out that Philhealth CF4 and more.

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How an EMR Helps

How can using an EMR help a Filipino doctor?

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Manage your patients

Create complete and beautiful notes. Illustrate and explain things better to patients. Manage appointments, your clinic queue and your in-patients. Automatically remind patients of their follows ups and more. How could that not be awesome?

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Access anywhere, anytime

Have multiple clinics? Stop forcing them to go to a clinic that's out of their way. Access your EMR system from any of your clinics and always have access to your patient notes and records anytime you need them. Doing rounds? Just whip out your iPhone.

Save tons of time

If you think about it, you actually spend a lot of time writing the same things over and over again. You also waste time searching for paper notes and you definitely waste time trying to understand your own writing. With an EMR, you can save tons of time.

Productive & Happy

You have patients to manage, you have OR, you have to do rounds, you have to do research, you have a family to take care of and a lot more. 

You have a ton on your plate!

But you know what? 

Doctors that use our EMR are less tired, more productive, finish clinic on time and have more time for the things they love. Ask them if you want to.

How much is that worth to you? 

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Get started with an EMR today.

Switching from paper isn't that hard. As long as you embrace change, then we're confident that you can make the switch seamlessly. Thousands of other doctors have done it already and they are reaping the benefits daily. Make that decision and jump in now.


Why Use an EMR?

Why use an EMR for you medical practice?  

For one, you don't have to deal with storing all those paper records. A lot of them are probably fading by now and you can't even recognize your writing in some of them. Oh, and all that paper plus file cabinets? Your clinic space is important, don't lose the battle to paper.  

In your next clinic schedule, try to keep track of what you do in the clinic and the types of patients you see. You'll notice that you actually write the same prescriptions (and notes) over and over again. How much time do you spend daily, weekly, monthly doing those?  

Why do that when you can spend 5 seconds to create that and print it out?  

How about lost records? Come on, you lost records before, right? You kept looking and looking only to realize that it's not there, maybe it got lost or it's in your other clinic. That's inefficiency right there.  

So much of your consultation time with the patient is actually wasted.  

Why waste your precious time and your patient's time, when you can spend that time to actually care for the patient? Shouldn't it have been like that to begin with?

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Of course, there are also other areas of your practice that you might want to be able to improve upon as well. 

How about tracking billing? Inventory? How much does the HMO's owe you? Do you know how your practice is actually doing financially? Maybe you want to see reports or trends about your patients for your personal research? 

Good luck doing all that with paper but those are all easily done with an EMR.

Sign up for a free account today.

Be more productive, enjoy your clinic, spend more time with your patients and have more time for your family and your hobbies. Thousands of other Filipino doctors are already reaping the benefits. It's about time you did, too.



Tired of writing the same things over and over again? Hate the paper mess that's been built up over the years? We know how you feel. Be productive and be less tired with an EMR that works with you.

Questions? We're here to listen.


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